We use detailed software design tools to produce a number of extensive reports to provide our customers with detailed layouts, comprehensive parts lists, material compliance reports and projected system financial payback - based on material costs ONLY . The satisfaction of owning your own Pure Energy Production system cannot be measured in euros alone. So a "feelgood" factor will put a smile on your face on a daily basis, knowing that you have the potential to heat your water (reliably from March to October) with surplus energy automatically diverted to your electrical immersion heater and/or perhaps charge an electric car (now or in the near future) or simply put on your washing machine when the sun is shining because you know the suns energy is providing the power to wash, cook, heat water and simply boil the kettle for a cuppa.

Click on the Full Report below to see a worked sample of our "Detailed Report" capabilities showing a typical 2.5 kW Solar PV Generator. This option proved not to be feasible due to the North East orientation of the proposed roof.

Full-Report-12102020 - A81 K851.pdf